the path

by lentic waters

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released July 18, 2015



all rights reserved


lentic waters Münster, Germany

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Track Name: absent
crouching down in the same position for countless hours
being lost in thoughts, yet lost my sense of time
my body seems to be limited to a basic level of activity
the shape is present but the mind is already gone

i hastily abandon this cold and clammy room
take the opportunity and my senses return
not knowing where to go in this cold night
just leaving to recover energy and confidence
Track Name: a temporary quest
an overwhelming surge of courtesy 
leaving every previous moment behind
everything keeps quiet now
finding myself in a chain of vivid sceneries
all objects are losing their shape 

feeling roasted by a sunbeam
causing a high time of self satisfaction
time doesn't fool me
the undertow of nothing is revealed

(but always the harsh landing is guaranteed)
Track Name: another sleepless night of despair
the present status quo is at the crossroads
the current direction must be changed
now it is time to get rid of burden
needing some strength and protection

finally want to grasp the opportunity
tired of all the postponing
that awful feeling of insecurity
another sleepless night of despair

still it remains a negative connotation
of an uncertain and guilty conscience
return to the moment of frustration
willing to rest in silly nonsense
Track Name: exile
Track Name: glasshouse
losing my very own history
being forced to hide
not able to be identified
living under false pretences
being immured in the story
once i become the story

these structures tear
they may collapse
keep hearing their voices
dictating the next great chapter
will it, will it, won´t they stop

will i be caught red-handed?
can i find a way out of this mess?
i can not let go of these questions
Track Name: the hour
a monster of egotism
wake of destroyed human lives
result of the appearing hypocrite 
vast become a monster myth

a common sense of misogyny
with lack of humanity
pressure is rising day by day
it pulls the rug out from under me

a world lead by financiers
credibility impeached by numbers
and a loss of personal involvement
no better time to rise
Track Name: between the spheres
suddenly woke up at the dead of night
with half damp eyes i stare at the ceiling
not sure where the place i’m lying in is situated
still confused if this is real or an illusion
still catching the thoughts of my dream
before they disappear into nowhere

let me plunge into my self-made dream world
i want to escape again for this single moment
take me to the place without right or wrong

but life brings me back down to earth faster than expected
Track Name: the grid
staring eyes observing me
guilty, not willing to function
huge amount of mistakes in the clockwork
keep the system from running properly

shifted into the rearest corner
what’s hardly to be seen in the backlight
doesn’t attract any interest
valuation by the value of capacity

determined to fall by the wayside
judged by their default rate
you say you want honesty
well It´s the puppets who pull the strings
Track Name: abyss
finally the expected remedy
never permitted myself that option
never felt so sure

my very survival is threatened
the abyss is unavoidable

everything is falling apart
i want to keep silent now

fulfil my long existing wish
i am falling
the light slowly vanishes